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Effective therapy of transected quadriceps muscle in rat : Gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157

Starešinić, Mario; Petrović, Igor; Novinšćak, Tomislav; Jukić, Ivana; Pevec, Damira; Suknaić, Slaven; Kokić, Neven; Batelja, Lovorka; Brčić, Luka; Boban-Blagaić, Alenka et al.
Effective therapy of transected quadriceps muscle in rat : Gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 // Journal of orthopaedic research, 24 (2006), 5; 1109-1117 doi:10.1002/jor.20089 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Effective therapy of transected quadriceps muscle in rat : Gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157

Starešinić, Mario ; Petrović, Igor ; Novinšćak, Tomislav ; Jukić, Ivana ; Pevec, Damira ; Suknaić, Slaven ; Kokić, Neven ; Batelja, Lovorka ; Brčić, Luka ; Boban-Blagaić, Alenka ; Zorić, Zdenka ; Ivanović, Domagoj ; Ajduk, Marko ; Sebečić, Božidar ; Patrlj, Leonardo ; Soša, Tomislav ; Buljat, Gojko ; Anić, Tomislav ; Seiwerth, Sven ; Sikirić, Predrag

Journal of orthopaedic research (0736-0266) 24 (2006), 5; 1109-1117

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Transected quadriceps muscle healing; gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157; systemic peptide treatment; rats

We report complete transection of major muscle and the systemic peptide treatment that induces healing of quadriceps muscle promptly and then maintains the healing with functional restoration. Initially, stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 (GEPPPGKPADDAGLV, M.W. 1419, PL-10, PLD-116, PL 14736 Pliva, Croatia ; in trials for inflammatory bowel disease ; wound treatment ; no toxicity reported ; effective alone without carrier) also superiorly accelerates the healing of transected Achilles tendon. Regularly, quadriceps muscle completely transected transversely 1.0 cm proximal to patella presents a definitive defect that cannot be compensated in rat. BPC 157 (10 microg, 10 ng, 10 pg/kg) is given intraperitoneally, once daily ; the first application 30 min posttransection, the final 24 h before sacrifice. It consistently improves muscle healing throughout the whole 72-day period. Improved are: (i) biomechanic (load of failure increased) ; (ii) function (walking recovery and extensor postural thrust/motor function index returned toward normal healthy values) ; (iii) microscopy/immunochemistry [i.e., mostly muscle fibers connect muscle segments ; absent gap ; significant desmin positivity for ongoing regeneration of muscle ; larger myofibril diameters on both sides, distal and proximal (normal healthy rat-values reached)] ; (iv) macroscopic presentation (stumps connected ; subsequently, atrophy markedly attenuated ; finally, presentation close to normal noninjured muscle, no postsurgery leg contracture). Thus, posttransection healing-consistently improved-may suggest this peptide therapeutic application in muscle disorders.

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