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Of Mice and Men : Teratomas and Teratocarcinomas

Bulić-Jakuš, Floriana; Ulamec, Monika; Vlahović, Maja; Sinčić, Nino; Katušić, Ana; Jurić-Lekić, Gordana; Šerman, Ljiljana; Krušlin, Božo; Belicza, Mladen
Of Mice and Men : Teratomas and Teratocarcinomas // Collegium antropologicum, 30 (2006), 4; 921-924 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prikaz, znanstveni)

Of Mice and Men : Teratomas and Teratocarcinomas

Bulić-Jakuš, Floriana ; Ulamec, Monika ; Vlahović, Maja ; Sinčić, Nino ; Katušić, Ana ; Jurić-Lekić, Gordana ; Šerman, Ljiljana ; Krušlin, Božo ; Belicza, Mladen

Collegium antropologicum (0350-6134) 30 (2006), 4; 921-924

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Teratoma; teratocarcinoma

Teratomas and teratocarcinomas are tumors containing tissue derivatives of all three germ-layers. They can be induced by transplantation of animal embryos to ectopic microenvironment. Development of malignant teratocarcinomas depends on embryonic stage, species-specificity and immunological competence of the host. In the man, teratomas and teratocarcinomas usually represent a subtype of germ-cell tumors but sacrococcygeal teratomas arise from the remnants of the primitive streak. Undifferentiated embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells are responsible for the malignancy of experimental mouse teratocarcinomas. Mouse EC cells injected to the adult give rise to tumors and upon injection to early embryos to differentiated tissues thus resembling normal mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC). Epigenetic changes rather than mutations are associated with transformation of mESC to EC cells. Human EC and ES cell-lines (hESC) contain chromosomal abnormalities and can form teratocarcinoma. ES cells are among those proposed for cell therapy. Suicide gene introduction should be recomended prior to their use in vivo to ablate them in case of malignant transformation.

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