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Oil residuals in lowland forest soil after pollution with crude oil

Pernar, Nikola; Bakšić, Darko; Antonić, Oleg; Grubešić, Marijan, Tikvić, Ivica; Trupčević, Mladen
Oil residuals in lowland forest soil after pollution with crude oil // Water, Air and Soil pollution, (2006), 177; 267-284 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Oil residuals in lowland forest soil after pollution with crude oil

Pernar, Nikola ; Bakšić, Darko ; Antonić, Oleg ; Grubešić, Marijan, Tikvić, Ivica ; Trupčević, Mladen

Water, Air and Soil pollution (2006), 177; 267-284

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Crude oil; floodplain forest; oil field; petroleum hydrocarbons; soil pollution

Research on oil residuals in lowland forest soil was carried out in 6 sample plots in the lowland forest ecosystem located in an oil field. Four plots were differently affected in terms of discharged oil and the time lapsed after the accident, as well as in terms of micro-relief terrain features. One plot was established in a reclaimed mud ditch site, while the control plot was set up in a micro-relief elevation outside the influence of oil pollution. Total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations were measured at three soil depths at the beginning and the end of the vegetation period. The analysis of the results revealed significant differences in petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations among the sites. Increased TPH concentrations were recorded in several plots, while the values measured in some other plots indicated very low quantities of residual TPH in the soil. The highest average TPH concentrations (200 – 400 mg kg-1) were recorded in the mud ditch site. In one of the plots exposed to oil pollution after an oil pipe rupture, there was the constant presence of increased TPH concentration in the surface soil part (> 200 mg kg-1on average). The sporadic presence of increased TPH concentrations in micro-depressions that cannot be attributed to a local accident indicates seasonal soil pollution with petroleum carbohydrates from floodwater. The soil in the sample plots is not contaminated with soluble salts or heavy metals. Low values of TPH concentrations in the soil water eluate indicate that the soil does not represent a source of hydrospheric pollution with petrol hydrocarbons.

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Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb

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