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Forest sector entrepreneurship in Europe (country studies – Croatia)

Motik, Darko; Posavec, Stjepan; Vuletić, Dijana
Forest sector entrepreneurship in Europe (country studies – Croatia) // Acta silvatica & lignaria Hungarica, 1 (2005), Spec. Ed.; 103-143 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Forest sector entrepreneurship in Europe (country studies – Croatia)

Motik, Darko ; Posavec, Stjepan ; Vuletić, Dijana

Acta silvatica & lignaria Hungarica (1786-691X) 1 (2005), Spec. Ed.; 103-143

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Forest sector; wood assortments; export; import

The main characteristics of the wood assortments sale are: a tendency of growth of quantity and a stagnation of value in the last three years, a growth of the share of sales on the basis of annual contracts and contracts lasting several years with domestic buyers, a growth of stacked wood export and problems with the collection of payments from domestic buyers. Industrial wood processing is the significant segment of Croatian economics. The basis of its development is the exploitation of domestic natural resources and traditionally it is export-oriented. To confirm the strategy and revitalisation of industrial wood processing, its characteristics are very important. The values of Croatian forests have been calculated on the basis of annual production of all forest goods and services. In the case of non-market values, the sheer existence of the forests has been taken into account and the flow of various services have been estimated based upon the actual state of forests, separated between its continental and Mediterranean part. It should be emphasised that there is the case of annual opportunity costs. Regarding the market values, the GDP for each group of goods and services has been monetarily estimated by means of the actual market prices which sometimes vary within the country.

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Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb