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Traumatic leptomeningeal cyst in a 24-year-old man: case report.

Houra, Karlo; Beroš, Vilim; Sajko, Tomislav; Čupić, Hrvoje
Traumatic leptomeningeal cyst in a 24-year-old man: case report. // Neurosurgery, 58 (2006), 1. (recenziran, članak, stručni)

Traumatic leptomeningeal cyst in a 24-year-old man: case report.

Houra, Karlo ; Beroš, Vilim ; Sajko, Tomislav ; Čupić, Hrvoje

Neurosurgery (0148-396X) 58 (2006), 1;

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Traumatic leptomeningeal cyst

OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE: Traumatic leptomeningeal cysts represent a rare complication of a childhood cranial fracture, and occur in only 0.05 to 0.6% of all cranial fractures. In adults, clinical manifestations of a childhood trauma are very rare and usually appear in the form of nontender, nonpulsatile, subcutaneous mass, accompanied by a progressive neurological deficit and seizures, as shown in our case. CLINICAL PRESENTATION: We present the case of a 24-year-old man with seizures caused by a traumatic leptomeningeal cyst resulting from the head injury he suffered at the age of 9 months. INTERVENTION: Right-sided craniotomy was performed with consequent microsurgical removal of the leptomeningeal cyst. The dura was reconstructed in a watertight manner and a cranioplasty was performed with Palacos (Howmedica International, Limerick, Ireland). CONCLUSION: It is important to consider traumatic leptomeningeal cysts when treating adult patients with erosive bone lesions who have a history of head trauma.

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Tomislav Sajko, (287920)

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