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Distilled water nasal provocation in hyperreactive patients

Baudoin, Tomislav; Anzić, Srđan Ante; Kalogjera, Livije
Distilled water nasal provocation in hyperreactive patients // American journal of rhinology, 13 (1999), 3; 229-233 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Distilled water nasal provocation in hyperreactive patients

Baudoin, Tomislav ; Anzić, Srđan Ante ; Kalogjera, Livije

American journal of rhinology (1050-6586) 13 (1999), 3; 229-233

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Provocation ; hyperreactivity ; nasal resistance ; distilled water

Non isotonic aerosol may act as provocation agent in the upper and lower airways of hyperreactive individuals. The purpose of the study was to compare the results of nasal challenge with distilled water in patients with allergic rhinitis to those with noninfective nonallergic rhinitis (NINAR) with the potential clinical use ot the obtained data. A group of 68 ambulatory patients (39 perennial allergic, 6 seasonal, 23 NINAR) were challenged with 10 ccm of distilled water aerosol after the baseline active rhinomanometry. After 10 minutes of nasal provocation, rhinomanometry was repeated to assess the response. In 15 patients of the perennial allergic group, the same measurements were performed after a 2-week oral antihistamin and topical steroid therapy. Nasal resistance was significantly increased on the more patent side of the nose in allergic patients after nasal provocatin. In patients with NINAR the provocation resulted in a significant rise on the more patent side, but the total nasal airway resistance levels were also significantly increased. The systemic antihistamine and topical sterodi 2-week therapy significantly reduced the response to nasal distilled water provocation. Nasal provocation with distilled water aerosol is a cheap, simple and acceptable method that provides useful clinical data on the level of nonspecfic nasal hyperreactivity and the therapy success.

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Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb

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