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Recent Progress in High Strength Low Carbon Steels

Zrnik, Jozef; Mamuzić, Ilija; Dobatkin, S. V.
Recent Progress in High Strength Low Carbon Steels // Metalurgija, 45 (2006), 4; 323-331 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Recent Progress in High Strength Low Carbon Steels

Zrnik, Jozef ; Mamuzić, Ilija ; Dobatkin, S. V.

Metalurgija (0543-5846) 45 (2006), 4; 323-331

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High strength steels; phases; microstructure; mechanical properties; formability

Advanced High Strength (AHS) steels, among them especially Dual Phase (DP) steels, Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) steels, Complex Phase (CP) steels, Partially Martensite (PM) steels, feature promising results in the field. Their extraordinary mechanical properties can be tailored and adjusted by alloying and processing. The introduction of steels with a microstructure consisting at least of two different components has led to the enlargement of the strength level without a deterioration of ductility. Furthermore, the development of ultra fine-grained AHS steels and their service performance are reviewed and new techniques are introduced. Various projects have been devoted to develop new materials for flat and long steel products for structural applications. The main stream line is High Strength, in order to match the weight lightening requirements that concern the whole class of load bearing structures and/or steel components and one of the most investigated topics is grain refinement.

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Metalurški fakultet, Sisak

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Ilija Mamuzić, (27862)

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