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Tri eseja o znanosti

Ivanović, Milan
Tri eseja o znanosti, Osijek: Elektrotehnički fakultet : Albert E, 2006 (monografija)

Tri eseja o znanosti
(Three Essays on Science)

Ivanović, Milan

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Autorske knjige, monografija, znanstvena

Elektrotehnički fakultet : Albert E





Ključne riječi
Znanost; Spoznaja; Paradigma; Entropija; Energija; Ekonomija
(Science; Cognitions; Paradigm; Entropy; Energies; Economy)

In Croatia there is a small number of books refering to the science or introducing (future) scientists. Through three essays represeted in this book we indicate the notion, and structure of the sciences developing scientific paradigms and conceptions of looking on the world. The first essay Science and Cognitions is about to explain what the science is, points to: differences between the science and everyday experience, purposes and aims of sciences ; explains position of the truths in the science ; gives the structures of sciences, points to the dihitomy theories and practices ; emphasize processes in the contemporary science and in the end distinguish dilemmas about the science. The second essay Laws of World and Scientific Paradigms is about to explain what is the law (from the scientific cognition) ; explains world lows ; considers the logic to the sciences, explains scientific paradigm ; also we give here shor review of science develop through the scientific paradigm. The third essay Scientific Paradigms and Entropy briefly explain the thermodynamics and its laws ; represents the draft entropy paradigm by Jeremy Rifkin ; gives the critique entropy paradigms that represent the concept of entropy and metamorphoses of sciences towards the book &laquo ; ; ; New Coalition&raquo ; ; ; by I. Prigogin and I. Stengers. In the fourth part of the book there is the supplement Paradigms and Energies in that we presente two the author's text are announced earlier through who illustrated the comprehension of contemporary science. The work &laquo ; ; ; How the energy has become good&raquo ; ; ; the author's critique (1986.) &laquo ; ; ; Strategy of Development of Energetics in Yugoslavia&raquo ; ; ; in which appears that the every strategy must have the all reason for being (raisone d' etre). The second text is the conclusion from the author's doctor's dissertation (1990.) &laquo ; ; ; Law of Values and Price Policy of Energies in Yugoslavia&raquo ; ; ; and that anable us to see how the autor discovers and defines the economic laws.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek


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Ivanović, Milan
Tri eseja o znanosti, Osijek: Elektrotehnički fakultet : Albert E, 2006 (monografija)
Ivanović, M. (2006) Tri eseja o znanosti. Osijek, Elektrotehnički fakultet : Albert E.
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