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Dinamika i tijek rasprostranjenja dabrova (Castor fiber L.) u Hrvatskoj

Grubešić, Marijan; Margaletić, Josip; Krapinec, Krešimir; Trupčević, Mladen
Dinamika i tijek rasprostranjenja dabrova (Castor fiber L.) u Hrvatskoj // Nafta, 57 (2006), 3; 101-106 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Dinamika i tijek rasprostranjenja dabrova (Castor fiber L.) u Hrvatskoj
(Dynamics and courses of beaver (Castor fiber L.) expansion in Croatia)

Grubešić, Marijan ; Margaletić, Josip ; Krapinec, Krešimir ; Trupčević, Mladen

Nafta (0027-7555) 57 (2006), 3; 101-106

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Dabar (Castor fiber L.); reintodukcija; Hrvatska; rasprostranjenost; dinamika širenja
(Castor fiber; Croatia; dynamic population monitoring)

The beaver population brought over from Bavaria and inhabited in Croatia in the period from 1996-1998 has successfully adapted to its new habitat and hence, in the previous period, a very successful reproduction and spatial expansion has been noticed. While choosing a site for releasing beavers, it was presumed that beavers would expand downstream, so that sites were chosen in the upper part of the area envisaged as their future natural site (habitat). Previous beaver monitoring showed taht the highest percentage of beaver expansion direction is upstream from the place where they had been released, plus a partla combined upstream and downstream direction, and downstream only to a lesser extent. Distances between certain sites presently inhabited by beavers and their place of release are even up to 300 km, observed based on the lenght of the watercourse through which they moved to their new destination.

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Biologija, Šumarstvo


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Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb

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