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Angiogenesis in Gastric Cancer

Kovač, Dražen; Valković, Toni; Ivaniš, Nikola; Rubinić, Milivoj; Inferrera, Cosimo; Caruso, R.; Melato, Mauro; Jonjić, Nives
Angiogenesis in Gastric Cancer // 3rd International Gastric Cancer Congress
Seul, Koreja, 1999. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Angiogenesis in Gastric Cancer

Kovač, Dražen ; Valković, Toni ; Ivaniš, Nikola ; Rubinić, Milivoj ; Inferrera, Cosimo ; Caruso, R. ; Melato, Mauro ; Jonjić, Nives

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3rd International Gastric Cancer Congress

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Seul, Koreja, 27-30.04.1999

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Angiogenesis; gastric cancer

This study aimed to compare the bilogy of gastric cancers in their early and advanced stages. As a basis for comparison we evaluated the extent of neovascularisation in the tumor. The microvessel quantitation in gastric cancer was analysed in a study group that included 20 patients with "early" and 29 patients with "advanced" gastric carcinomas.Small blood vessels were visualized by staining endothelial cells for Von Willebrand Factor (DAKO) using a standard immunoperoxidase ABC-technique on parafin-embedded sections. The three most vascular areas ("hot spots") were identified on each slide.Microvessel were counted at magnification x200. The average count from the three hot spots and the highest single field count were recorded for subseqent statistical analysis. "Early" gastric cancer demonstrated significantly higher microvessel count than advanced cancer (p=0,0088). Also, younger patients showed significantly higher average count than older patients (p=0,029). There were no significant differences between parameters of neovascularisation and sex or histological type of tumor. This preliminar investigation indicates the biological differences between "early" and "advanced" gastric cancer.

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