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Sources of radon contamination in C-14 dating

Horvatinčić, Nada; Obelić, Bogomil; Krajcar Bronić, Ines; Srdoč, Dušan; Bistrović, Romana
Sources of radon contamination in C-14 dating // Radiocarbon, 37 (1995), 2; 749-757 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Sources of radon contamination in C-14 dating

Horvatinčić, Nada ; Obelić, Bogomil ; Krajcar Bronić, Ines ; Srdoč, Dušan ; Bistrović, Romana

Radiocarbon (0033-8222) 37 (1995), 2; 749-757

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Radiocarbon dating; contamination; radon

We investigated the effect of radon (222^Rn) contamination of samples and chemicals used for sample preparation and gas purification on the 14^C age of samples. Radon count rate was monitored over several Rn half-lives in a proportional counter filled with methane. We analyzed ca. 240 samples of fossil and recent wood, charcoal, bone, dissolved inorganic carbon in water, travertine, peat, aquatic plants, organic soil and atmospheric CO_2 for 2Rn contamination. Chemicals used for gas purification (Mn0_2, Mg(CI0_4)_2), ruthenium-coated pellets used for catalytic reduction of CO_2 to CH_4, and acids used for dissolution of calcareous samples (HCI and H_3P0_4) are also potential sources of Rn. Most geological samples contained a significant amount of Rn, as opposed to samples of wood, charcoal, aquatic plants and atmospheric CO_2. We also studied Rn contamination of water samples during tritium activity measurements in a CH_4-filled gas proportional counter. We found an increased count rate in the 3^H channel, as well as above the 20 keV region in Rn-contaminated groundwater samples.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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