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Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XI

Srdoč, Dušan; Obelić, Bogomil; Horvatinčić, Nada; Krajcar Bronić, Ines; Sliepčević, Adica
Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XI // Radiocarbon, 31 (1989), 1; 85-98 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XI

Srdoč, Dušan ; Obelić, Bogomil ; Horvatinčić, Nada ; Krajcar Bronić, Ines ; Sliepčević, Adica

Radiocarbon (0033-8222) 31 (1989), 1; 85-98

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Radiocarbon dating; Archaeology; Geology

This is a list of radiocarbon analyses determined since our previous list (R, 1987, v 29, no. 1, p 135-147). As before, with the exception of speleothems and groundwaters, the calculations follow conventional RADIOCARBON protocol (Stuiver & Polach, 1977). Sample pretreatment, combustion and counting techniques are essentially the same as described in R, 1971, v 13, no. 1, p 135-140, supplemented by new techniques for groundwater processing (R, 1979, v 21, no. 1, p 131-137). Speleothem and groundwater model ages (given in the comment section of each listing) are based on an initial activity of 85 ± 10 percent modern carbon (pMC), as recommended in Srdoc et al (1986), without adjustment for 5'3C. These model ages can be converted from the 5570-yr half-life to the chronometrically more correct half-life of 5730 yr by multiplying by the factor 1.029. The "± figures" on these model ages are statistical combinations of the 1 a counting uncertainty and the ± 10% uncertainty in the assumed 85 pMC. Ages and "± figures" of all other samples are adjusted for stable isotope fractionation according to the recommendations in Stuiver and Polach (1977). Data processing is done by computer (0belic & Planinic, 1977 ; 0belic, 1980). Sample descriptions are prepared in collaboration with collectors and submitters.

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Fizika, Geologija, Kemija


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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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