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Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XIII

Obelić, Bogomil; Horvatinčić, Nada; Srdoč, Dušan; Krajcar Bronić, Ines; Sliepčević, Adica; Grgić, Sanja
Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XIII // Radiocarbon, 36 (1994), 2; 303-324 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Rudjer Bošković Institute radiocarbon measurements XIII

Obelić, Bogomil ; Horvatinčić, Nada ; Srdoč, Dušan ; Krajcar Bronić, Ines ; Sliepčević, Adica ; Grgić, Sanja

Radiocarbon (0033-8222) 36 (1994), 2; 303-324

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Radiocarbon dating; archaeology; geology

In this list, we present 14C ages of archaeological, geological, hydrogeological, botanical and atmospheric samples measured since our previous list (Srdo et al. 1992). Chemical pretreatment and counting techniques using a methane-filled proportional counter are essentially the same as reported earlier. Sample descriptions are prepared in collaboration with collectors and submitters. Age calculation follows the conventional protocol based on the Libby half-life of 5570 ± 30 yr and using AD 1950 as the reference year. Calibrated ages (for archaeological samples only) were calculated using the program by Stuiver and Reimer (1993), generally using method A (intercepts with calibration curve), and are given here as the period of maximal probability with 1 ar error. When method A gave two or more separate calibrated age ranges, method B was used instead. Ranges that do not contribute significantly to the overall probability were omitted. Ages and standard deviations of samples were adjusted for stable isotope fractionation according to recommendations in Stuiver and Polach (1977), where S13C data were not available. The fractionation correction has not been applied for groundwater samples, calcareous deposits or aquatic plants. For geological and hydrogeological samples, only the pMC data are given.

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Fizika, Geologija, Kemija


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