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Healing of the bone defect after immediate dental implant placement

Katanec, Davor; Kuna, Tihomir; Gabrić, Dragana
Healing of the bone defect after immediate dental implant placement // Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 33 (2006), s7. (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Healing of the bone defect after immediate dental implant placement

Katanec, Davor ; Kuna, Tihomir ; Gabrić, Dragana

Journal of Clinical Periodontology (0303-6979) 33 (2006), S7;

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Immediate implant placement; bone defect; autologous bone transplant

Immediate implantation of the dental implant after tooth extraction has great advantages over postponed implantation, i.e. fewer surgical operations, shorter period up to prosthetic restoration, prevention of bone resorption and better positioning of implant. The aim of the report is evaluation of clinical value of immediate placement of the dental implant with augmentation of the bone defect by autologous bone transplant following tooth extraction. In a group of 15 patients with indication for tooth extraction, a dental implant (Replace Select by Nobel Biocare)was inserted immediately after eytraction and remaining bone defect was augmented with autologous bone transplant taken from the chin symphisis. Follow up was performed on RVG images 1, 6 and 12 months after implant placement and clinical monitoring was included measuring implant stability by analysis of resonant frequency. Results were assessed on the basis of computer guided densitometric analysis on previous RVG images at 8 points, 1 mm in diameter placed on the cervical, middle and apical part of the newly formed bone around the implant. The results show great density of the newly formed bone around inserted implants supported by intraoral bone autotransplant. Primary and secondary stability was between 70-90 Hz. No implant after prosthetic reconstruction and follow up in period of 12 months was lost in all 15 cases.

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Dentalna medicina


Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb,
Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb

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