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System Dynamics Short Mental -Verbal Models

Munitić, Ante; Slišković, Merica; Jelić Mrčelić, Gorana
System Dynamics Short Mental -Verbal Models // Abstracts 2006 World Conference On Natural Resource Modeling
Bergen, Norveška, 2006. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

System Dynamics Short Mental -Verbal Models

Munitić, Ante ; Slišković, Merica ; Jelić Mrčelić, Gorana

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Abstracts 2006 World Conference On Natural Resource Modeling / - Bergen, Norveška, 2006

2006 World Conference On Natural Resource Modeling

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Bergen, Norveška, 25-28.06.2006

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System dynamics; short mental verbal models; fish bank

Daily it is possible to encounter some examples of inappropriate, i.e. overexploitation of natural renewable resources because even professionals tend to misperceive the inner structure and dynamics of behaviour of the system. Renewable resources, in this paper fish population, typically include fish stock and natural nonlinearities which is product of complex of behaviour dynamics of the fish population system. In complex systems it is hard to notice every feedback loops that exist in system and cause such complex dynamics behaviour. The System Dynamics Modelling is in essence special, i.e. “ holistic” approach to the simulation of the dynamics behaviour of natural systems, and it contains quantitative and qualitative Simulation Modelling of various natural realities. The methodology of this method, together with use of digital computer, showed its efficiency in practice as very suitable means for solving the problems of management, of behaviour, of sensibility, of flexibility of behaviour dynamics of very complex systems. All this are made by computer simulating, i.e. “ in laboratory” , which mean without any danger for observed realities. System dynamics approach could be used as an efective tool in education, research and designing appropriate management of the natural resources. Although the “ Fish bank” L.T.D is well known, this paper trie to give some other perspective of system presented there. In this paper short mental-verbal models of “ Fish bank” L.T.D. will be presented. Prof. A. Munitic implemented new approach i.e. short mental verbal models which in short symbols explain or describe cause-consequences links and feedbacks lopps that exist in system.

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Pomorski fakultet, Split