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Numerical analysis of corrosion cell in concrete

Balabanić, Gojko; Bićanić, Nenad; Đureković, Andrija
Numerical analysis of corrosion cell in concrete // International Journal for Engineering Modelling, 8(1-2) (1995), 1-5 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Numerical analysis of corrosion cell in concrete

Balabanić, Gojko ; Bićanić, Nenad ; Đureković, Andrija

International Journal for Engineering Modelling (1330-1365) 8(1-2) (1995); 1-5

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Numerical analysis; corrosion cell; concrete

The analysis of a corrosion cell in concrete was made by applying a numerical modelling procedure which has been developed for calculating the current distribution and oxygen concentration in a corrosion cell in concrete as well as its polarization characteristic. The electric potential in the electrolyte is calculated using the Laplace equation and the oxygen concentration by using the diffusion equation. On the cathode surface complex boundary condition is applied based on Faraday's law and in that way cathodic-ohmic control of the corrosion process is automatically taken into account. The spatial domain is represented by the cylindrical concrete specimen with the steel bar on its axis.

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Građevinski fakultet, Rijeka

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