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Espected project delay due to uncertainties and risk

Matičević, Gordana; Majdandžić, Niko
Espected project delay due to uncertainties and risk // Tehnički vjesnik, 11 (2004), 3, 4; 3-14 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Espected project delay due to uncertainties and risk

Matičević, Gordana ; Majdandžić, Niko

Tehnički vjesnik (1330-3651) 11 (2004), 3, 4; 3-14

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Expected project delay; progress monitoring; project risk; rescheduling

Project delays and cost overruns are becoming major problems in many projects in today's competitive, dynamic and uncertain industriai envi- ronment. Uncertainties and project risks (e.g. changes in part specifications, equipment breakdowns, delays of certain activities etc.) frequently [)Ccur during the project performance. That may lead to violations for the planned project completion time. Small project delay can cause signifi- ~ant costs. Progress on the project requires to be monitored in order to recognize the impact of project risks and effectively update initial schedule ~reschedule). This paper presents a scheduling model with considering risk impact and model ofproject rescheduling when divergences from the plan occur. The practical value ofpresented model is in providing information about divergences from the plan, determining expected project de- lay and expected effect offinancial penalties (due to a contractual obligation).

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