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GIS - based DSS for priority setting in humanitarian mine - action

Knezić, Snježana; Mladineo, Nenad
GIS - based DSS for priority setting in humanitarian mine - action // International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 20 (2006), 5; 565-588 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

GIS - based DSS for priority setting in humanitarian mine - action

Knezić, Snježana ; Mladineo, Nenad

International Journal of Geographical Information Science (1365-8816) 20 (2006), 5; 565-588

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DSS; GIS; Humanitarian mine action; Multicriteria analysis

Mine contamination is one of the main obstacles to economic recovery and other types of progress in mine‐ affected countries. Therefore, the primary goal of humanitarian demining operations is to clear all suspected minefields and restore them so as to make them available for their previous use. The customary financial shortfall results in the need for priority setting in the mine removal process. This paper describes and investigates a new approach to priority setting within mine action, with the introduction of a hierarchic GIS‐ based decision support system (DSS). The proposed DSS is aimed at determining the objective priorities required to reduce the risks stemming from mine contamination. DSS is based on a combination of GIS analysis and a multicriteria method in order to enable efficacious mine action management, namely setting humanitarian demining priorities in order to optimally reduce the risk caused by mines. GIS is outlined as a powerful tool for the generation of aggregated information used in multicriteria analysis, as is the link between hierarchic decision levels in the proposed DSS. The results of a demonstration of the proposed GIS - based DSS on mine - affected water resources in Croatia are supplied.

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Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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