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Development of River Traffic in the Traffic System of Central Croatia

Badanjak, Dragan; Rajsman, Marijan; Dundović, Čedomir
Development of River Traffic in the Traffic System of Central Croatia // Promet - Traffic & Transportation, 18 (2006), 3; 197-205 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Development of River Traffic in the Traffic System of Central Croatia

Badanjak, Dragan ; Rajsman, Marijan ; Dundović, Čedomir

Promet - Traffic & Transportation (0353-5320) 18 (2006), 3; 197-205

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Development ; traffic ; system ; model ; forecast ; trend

From the aspect of public transport of passengers and goods, the traffic system in Central Croatia consists of road, rail, air and river subsystems. Regarding their share in the volume of passenger and cargo transport as well as the carried out transport operations in the traffic system of Central Croatia, road and rail traffic are the dominant traffic subsystems. Regarding its technical, technological, organizational and economic indicators, the river traffic system represents the less developed subsystem of the traffic system of Central Croatia, and the situation in this respect is not much different at the national level either.The possibilities for the development of river traffic system have not been sufficiently used, although the potential traffic demand for the transportation services are substantial, especially when considering the river Sava which potentially offers a direct connection to the trunk European waterway. The advantages of the Central Croatian location undoubtedly lie in the traffic and geo-strategic position, but the value of this location can be used only then when the quality level of the traffic system and the construction level of the infrastructure catch up with the ones in the developed European countries.The conditions for the traffic development are first of all strong and daily faster changes in the strata, especially regarding the implementation of new solutions and increasing the efficiency of the overall traffic system. It is precisely for this reason that special interest should be to study the traffic values according to the available data, establish their possible rules as function of time, and design appropriate mathematical models with the aim of forecasting the traffic development in the future.

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