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Reconfiguration of Manufacturing Systems Based on Virtual BMS

Car, Zlatan; Hatono, Itsuo; Ueda, Kanji
Reconfiguration of Manufacturing Systems Based on Virtual BMS // CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 33 (2004), 1; 15-24 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Reconfiguration of Manufacturing Systems Based on Virtual BMS

Car, Zlatan ; Hatono, Itsuo ; Ueda, Kanji

CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Systems (0176-3377) 33 (2004), 1; 15-24

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Adaptable reconfiguration; layered architecture; Biological Manufacturing System

The new approach for the reconfiguration of manufacturing systems is described in this paper. Today's trend of globalisation has caused increasing uncertainty and complexity in manufacturing environment, by drastically decreasing product life time and time response of the manufacturing systems. However, in the same time we have increasing volume of divergent products. Above given facts in today manufacturing systems environment have been cased that reconfiguration and building of manufacturing system now becomes a bottleneck. For the solution to this problem we introduce reconfiguration of manufacturing systems based on virtual Biological Manufacturing System, with usage of the lineless manufacturing system. To efficiently achieve that and in the same time to keep reality we propose a model with layered architecture. Through layered architecture we are able to achieve reconfiguration of manufacturing system by remapping self-organisation behaviour of virtual Biological Manufacturing to real manufacturing system. Simulation example is build according to the proposed new reconfiguration approach, and results of the simulation are showing high adaptability and efficiency of a model.

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Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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Zlatan Car, (259465)