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Workstation for integrated system design and development

Ćosić, Krešimir; Kopriva, Ivica; Miler, Ivan
Workstation for integrated system design and development // Simulation, 58 (1992), 3; 152-162 doi:10.1177/003754979205800305 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Workstation for integrated system design and development

Ćosić, Krešimir ; Kopriva, Ivica ; Miler, Ivan

Simulation (0037-5497) 58 (1992), 3; 152-162

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Multiprocessor resources ; digital real time simulations ; code generation ; ordinary differential equations ; system decomposition ; numerical integration ; discretization methods ; integrated system design and development ; task allocation

Hardware in the loop simulation has been proven as a very cost effective method in design, development, modification and testing of sophisticated industrial control systems. The Workstation for Integrated System Design and Development presented in this article allows: highly efficient real time simulation of dynamic systems using the available microprocessor resources, microprocessor control system design and implementation using suitable software package for synthesis and code generation, testing and verification of microprocessor based controller using real time interaction with multiprocessor simulator. The hardware configuration of Workstation for ISDD is based on inexpensive genral purpose single board computers, which are very atractive and more favorable in speed/cost ratio in relation to teh other powerful single processor solution. The appropriate examples show the applicability of these multi-microprocessor resourecs in: real time simulation of linear time invariant systems, comparative analysis of different discretization techniques and digital control system designa ans testing.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb

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