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Cesium dimer spectroscopy on helium droplets

Ernst, W. E.; Huber, R.; Jiang, S.; Beuc, Robert; Movre, Mladen; Pichler, Goran
Cesium dimer spectroscopy on helium droplets // The Journal of Chemical Physics, 124 (2006) (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Cesium dimer spectroscopy on helium droplets

Ernst, W. E. ; Huber, R. ; Jiang, S. ; Beuc, Robert ; Movre, Mladen ; Pichler, Goran

The Journal of Chemical Physics (0021-9606) 124 (2006);

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Cesium dimer; helium droplets

Visible absorption spectra of cesium-doped helium nanodroplets between 14 500 and 17 600 cm− 1 were probed by laser-induced fluorescence. A strong absorption band peaking around 16 700 cm− 1 is identified as Cs2 1a 3u+− 3 3g+ transition. A broad unstructured band near 17 520 cm− 1 is assigned as the Cs2 1X 1g+− 2 1u+ transition. Explanations of the observations are discussed on the basis of ab initio potential curves calculated by Spies and Meyer (unpublished). All spectra have been modeled using narrow Frank-Condon windows around the equilibrium internuclear distance of the lowest singlet and triplet states. Many observed absorption peaks of smaller intensities could be identified, some of which may be due to transitions of cesium trimers formed on the droplets.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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