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Prediction for KRb bands observation on He droplets

Beuc, Robert; Movre, Mladen; Ban, Ticijana; Pichler, Goran; Ernst, Wolfgang E.
Prediction for KRb bands observation on He droplets // Helium Clustres: Finite-Size Superfluid and Nano-Size Cryostat
Bad Honnef, Njemačka, 2005. (poster, nije recenziran, sažetak, znanstveni)

Prediction for KRb bands observation on He droplets

Beuc, Robert ; Movre, Mladen ; Ban, Ticijana ; Pichler, Goran ; Ernst, Wolfgang E.

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Helium Clustres: Finite-Size Superfluid and Nano-Size Cryostat

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Bad Honnef, Njemačka, 30.03-01.04.2005

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Helium; nanodroplets; absorption; potasium; rubidium

Recently KRb molecule has been detected at ultra cold conditions and some very interesting laser spectroscopy has been carried out for KRb molecules in magneto-optical traps for potassium-rubidium mixture. Potential curves for KRb molecules are known in both cases with and without spin-orbit interaction taken into account. Singlet transitions are better known than triplet transitions in usual spectroscopy. However, at ultra low temperatures triplet states become more accessible and thus analysis reveal the structure of the potential curves for triplet manifold. Diffuse bands of KRb system are known for long time, but their interpretation in terms of potential curves is only partially satisfying. Heavy alkali heteronuclear dimers became very attractive recently and their observation on helium clusters is desirable, since triplet states are most prominent features in nano-cryostat conditions. We are discussing KRb absorption spectra at high density alkali vapor mixture, and in the case of KRb excitations from the He droplets. We believe that combining modeling and recent observations may contribute to the final interpretation of KRb diffuse bands in the broad spectral region around 600 nm.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb