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Meteorological basis for wind loads calculation in Croatia

Bajić, Alica; Peroš, Bernardin
Meteorological basis for wind loads calculation in Croatia // Wind and Structures, 8 (2005), 6; 389-406 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Meteorological basis for wind loads calculation in Croatia

Bajić, Alica ; Peroš, Bernardin

Wind and Structures (1226-6116) 8 (2005), 6; 389-406

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Extreme speed; standards; wind load; Croatia

Results of reference wind speed calculation in Croatia as a base for revision of the Croatian standards on wind loads upon structures are presented. The wind speed averaged over 10 minutes, at 10 m height, in a flat open terrain, with 50 years mean return period are given for 21 meteorological stations in Croatia. It is shown that we the greatest part of Croatia is covered with expect reference wind speeds up to 25 m/s. Exceptions are stations with specific anemometer location open to the Bura wind accelerated due to the channeling effects of local orography and nearby mountain passes where the expected reference wind speed range between 38 m/s and 57 m/s. The methodology for unifying all available information from wind measurements regardless of the averaging period is discussed by analysing wind speed variability at meteorological station in Novalja. Gust factor calculated at Novalja show significant turbulence for Bura wind that should be taking in account during the calculation of dynamic wind loads upon structures.

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Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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