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Influence of genotype on tissue growth in swine

Kušec, Goran; Kralik, Gordana; Petričević, Antun; Gutzmirtl, Draženka; Jovanovac, Sonja
Influence of genotype on tissue growth in swine // Zbornik Biotehniške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani, 30 (1998), 105-109 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, znanstveni)

Influence of genotype on tissue growth in swine

Kušec, Goran ; Kralik, Gordana ; Petričević, Antun ; Gutzmirtl, Draženka ; Jovanovac, Sonja

Zbornik Biotehniške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani (1408-3493) 30 (1998); 105-109

Ključne riječi
Pigs; tissues; growth; allometry

Influence of genotype on differential growth of tissues and main parts was researched in this paper. For purpose 50 LWxSL (1st group) and 50 (LWxSL)xGL (2nd group) were slaughtered at different live weights ranging from 85 to 136 kg. Results of total dissection were analyzed using allometric function. Allometric growth coefficients lower than unity were established for ham and shoulder in both genotypes as well as for loins and neck of 1st group; coefficients of allometry for loin and neck were very close to unity in pigs of 2nd group; and b-values higher than unity was found in belly rib part of both genotypes. Significant differences in b-values between 1st and 2nd group were found only for belly-rib part and neck. Hams grew at slower rate than the whole carcass in both genotypes; loins of pigs from 1st grew slower than carcass, while those of 2nd showed proportional growth of loins and carcass; shoulders of 1st and 2nd group of pigs grew slower than carcass. Growth rates higher than unity were found in belly rib part of both groups of pigs, although difference between b-values was significant (p<0,05); this part grew slower in 2nd pigs. Neck grew slower in carcasses of 1st, while in 2nd group of pigs growth rate of this part was a bit higher than unity, difference between those rates was significant (p<0,05). Values of b calculated for muscle tissue of ham in both genotypes were lower than unity, but still very high, especially in hams of 1st group of pigs; b-values calculated for fat were higher than unity in 1st and in 2nd group of pigs. Difference between this values was statistically significant (p<0,05), fatty tissue grew faster in hams of 2nd group of pigs. Bones in hams of both genotypes had similar pattern as bone growth related to carcass. Pattern of tissue growth in loin was similar to one in the ham. Fatty tissue grew significantly faster in 2nd group of pigs (p<0,01). Muscles growth in shoulder of 1st group was unity, while of 2nd group of pigs it was slightly under unity. Fatty tissue and bones had similar pattern of growth as in other main parts. There were no significant differences (p>0,05) between examined groups of pigs in allometric growth rates of tissues in shoulder.

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