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1st International Symposium on Environmental Management ; contribution to solution : proceedings

1st International Symposium on Environmental Management ; contribution to solution : proceedings, Zagreb: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2005 (zbornik)

1st International Symposium on Environmental Management ; contribution to solution : proceedings

Koprivanac, Natalija

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Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology





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Environmental management; environmental protection; nature preservation; wastewater treatment; waste management; education for evironment

This Book of papers entitled "Environmental Management ; Contribution to Solution" presents 25 papers reviewed and revised from 32 initially submitted for the "1st International Symposium on Environmental Management", held October 1-3, 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia. The Symposium was attended by approximately 280 environmental professionals, involved in the application of environmental assessment and management in businesses, scientific organizations, and governmental and non-governmental agencies. The Book is divided in two sections. The first one is focused on a more global approach to environmental topics such as legislation, multilateral agreements, sustainable agricultural development, eco-social aspects of rural society, energy consumption andm conservation in Croatia, waste management and landfills construction in particular parts of Croatia and the case study as an example of environmental management in the financial sector. Section two includes more experimental research - oriented papers from the fields of: sustainable power generation, environmental approach to petroleum fuels production, method to increase sustainability of development in the field of power production by use of combined heat and power sources (CHP) and optimization of kinetic parameters in the process of sulphur separation during the heat treatment of the low energy coal samples. Also, this second section of the Book covers the area of management and treatment of stormwater runoff pollutants, application of cation exchange resin and natural zeolites for the minimization of arsenic in water, degradation and minimization of chlorinated phenol pollutants in industrial wastewater, implementation of physical methods for laundry wastewater treatment and development of non-suppressed ion chromatography methodology for water quality monitoring. Contribution to the waste management is presented by examination of water eluates from metallurgical waste, fly ash disposal by implantation to Portland cement/concrete production and agro-industrial solid wastes aerobic composting. Management of tillage-induced soil compaction as well as chromatographic determination of pesticides in the soil and the role of teamwork in forest harvesting is also given. Environmental management has as its primary objective the protection of human health and well being, and the protection (preservation and conservation) of other life forms and their habitats. The solution to environmental problems typically involves the cooperation of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams. Scientists, engineers, sociologists, economists and other experts work together to design and implement processes or procedures to solve (real or perceived) environmental problems. Legal, economic, natural systems and engineered systems’ components may need to be integrated to arrive at appropriate solution. Environmental concerns the issues are vitally important in “ transitional economies” such as Croatia ; consequently environmental management becomes an increasingly important tool. A new attitude has redirected the attention of industry to environmental management ; and pollution prevention as a proactive approach has now become a significant environmental option in the 21st century. The modern focus is moving towards sustainable environmental programs conceived by environmental engineers and managers which provide more and more solution to environmental problems. In the years to come Croatia will be significantly affected by EU environmental policy so I hope this Book will be small contribution on the long road towards adopting environmental laws and policies concerning the EU standards.

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1st International symposium on environmental management, Zagreb, October, 1-3, 2003


Fakultet kemijskog inženjerstva i tehnologije, Zagreb

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Natalija Koprivanac, (22030)