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Neolithic and Bronze-Age Herders of Pupićina Cave, Croatia.

Miracle, Preston; Forenbaher, Stašo
Neolithic and Bronze-Age Herders of Pupićina Cave, Croatia. // Journal of Field Archaeology, 30 (2005), 255-281 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Neolithic and Bronze-Age Herders of Pupićina Cave, Croatia.

Miracle, Preston ; Forenbaher, Stašo

Journal of Field Archaeology (0093-4690) 30 (2005); 255-281

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Anthropology archaeology Neolithic Bronze Age Istria Adriatic herders cave

Pupićina Cave (Croatia) preserves an important archaeological sequence spanning 12, 000 years. Here we present and discuss the results of extensive excavations in post-Mesolithic deposits. Pupićina Cave, located in northeastern Istria in a region rich in caves and evidence of prehistoric settlement, has well-dated evidence from the Middle Neolithic, Late Neolithic, Middle Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman periods. Visitors to the cave in the Middle Neolithic (ca. 5500– 5000 cal B.C.) left typical Danilo/Vlaška pottery and kept herds of sheep and goat during the spring. Mortality profiles suggest that herds were managed for milk production. During the Late Neolithic (ca. 4550 – 4150 cal B.C.) Hvar pottery appears along with lithic artifacts from great distances (e.g. Lipari). Herds of sheep and goat were managed for meat as were cattle and pigs. There was a major hiatus in occupation between the Late Neolithic and the Middle Bronze Age. Middle Bronze Age (ca. 1775 – 1400 cal B.C.) deposits are found only in one large pit. Pottery is dominated by drinking vessels, and faunal use is the same as in the Late Neolithic. The cave was used primarily as an animal pen during the Iron Age (1st Millennium B.C.).

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Stašo Forenbaher, (154784)

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