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Ogulin: kratko čitanje grada

Čorak, Željka
Ogulin: kratko čitanje grada // Život umjetnosti, 32 (1998), 60; 38-47 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

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Ogulin: kratko čitanje grada
(Ogulin: The lecture of a small town)

Čorak, Željka

Život umjetnosti (0524-7794) 32 (1998), 60; 38-47

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Ogulin; grad; urbanizam; arhitektura; zaštita; planiranje; hortikultura
(ogulin; town; urbanisme; architecture; protection; planning; horticulture)

Ogulin, one of the prettiest towns of the continental Croatia, is embedded in a landscape of expectional beaty. It is very valuable srchitectural and natural heritrage that bears witness of its remarkable history. Ogulin is a town of a high urbane level, with an urbane tradition that lives like an urbane ambition. We should state, first of all, taht Ogulin is a town where one feels a contemporary care for space, awarenssof the heritrage, a wish of the city authorities to cooperate with the services for protection, the construction discipline, and the results that ensued. actually, Ogulčin offers an exceptionally affirmative picture. There are many towns in Croatia, particulary the ones in continental parts, which have lately shown great sensibility for their own past, for their heritrage not as antique and more decaying than that of the cities along the Adriatic coast, showing an understanding that their heritrage can strengthen identity and give them legitimacy on a higher urbane level. Ogulin does not need to prove itself. Thanks to itsvalues Ogulin needs to monitor and ask for what is reghtfully its own, to correct small discrepancies of the unhappy times of the tifties and the sixties, and finally to continue with its own tradition.

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Znanost o umjetnosti


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Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb


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Čorak, Željka
Ogulin: kratko čitanje grada // Život umjetnosti, 32 (1998), 60; 38-47 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)
Čorak, Ž. (1998) Ogulin: kratko čitanje grada. Život umjetnosti, 32 (60), 38-47.
@article{article, author = {\v{C}orak, \v{Z}.}, year = {1998}, pages = {38-47}, keywords = {ogulin, town, urbanisme, architecture, protection, planning, horticulture}, journal = {\v{Z}ivot umjetnosti}, volume = {32}, number = {60}, issn = {0524-7794}, title = {Ogulin: The lecture of a small town}, keyword = {ogulin, town, urbanisme, architecture, protection, planning, horticulture} }

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