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Genome typing of autochthonous breeds of domestic animals in Croatia

Caput, Pavo; Ivanković, Ante; Konjačić, Miljenko
Genome typing of autochthonous breeds of domestic animals in Croatia // Stočarstvo, 58 (2004), 265-293 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Genome typing of autochthonous breeds of domestic animals in Croatia

Caput, Pavo ; Ivanković, Ante ; Konjačić, Miljenko

Stočarstvo (0351-0832) 58 (2004); 265-293

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Genome typing; autochthonous breeds; Croatia

The national program protection the endangered breed of domestic animals requests reliable evidence of originality of breeds. Beside good knowings of the phenotypic features, necessarily is knowings of genetic structure of breeds, their variability, similarity and distance in relation to cognate populations. The genetic characterization in Croatia include autochthonous breeds bovines, horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, as well as turkeys, fish and bees. Genetic polymorphisms at the protein- (blood groups, blood and milk proteins) and DNA-level (microsatellites, mitochondrial DNA) can be successfully used for population analysis and for establishing relationships within and among species. On the basis of the research blood protein polymorphism and microsatellite markers have been estimated the genetic distances among three cattle breeds (Istrian cattle, Slavonian-syrmian podolian cattle and Busha), three horse breeds (Posavina horse, Croatian Coldblood and Murinsulaner horse) and two donkey populations. On the basis of sequences mitochondrial DNA, we determined the genetic relationships of subpopulations of Lippizaner horse (Ergela and Field breeding), cold-blooded autochthonous breed of horses, type of donkeys and a few breeds of bovines. Rare breeds of sheep (Ruda sheep, Pag island sheep and Krk island sheep) has been typed using several methodological approaches: blood protein polymorphisms, microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA. For Black Slavonian and Turopolje pig have been investigated blood protein polymorphisms and eight microsatellite locis. Endangered poultry populations (Zagorje turkey, Hen Hrvatica and Dravska goose) is for till the object of research of phenotypic characteristics. The international project with neighbouring countries try establish resistance to varoosis for Mediterranean ecotype of Grey bee. Using RAPD method will try to determine genetic diversity in four lines of carp. The molecular research does on endemic soft-muzzled trout using microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA. On the basis of the research microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA have been typed endemic soft-muzzled trout.

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Poljoprivreda (agronomija), Biotehnologija


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Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb

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