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Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom

Doliner, Gorana
Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom, Zagreb: Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, 1998 (monografija)

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Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom
(Glagolitic Singing in Novi Vinodolski)

Doliner, Gorana

Ostali urednici
Bezić, Jerko

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Autorske knjige, monografija, znanstvena

Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti





Ključne riječi
glagoljaško pjevanje
(glagolitic singing)

The term Glagolitic singing denotes one of the parallel traditions within the framework of vernacular church singing in Croatia. As in other regions of Croatian territory, it has been formed in Novi Vinodolski from the Middle ages to the present day as a unique phenomenon. This tradition of church singing within the Old Slavic liturgy has been preserved mainly throught oral transmission. Namely, it is known that specific Glagolitic notations from earlier periods (up until the 19th century) have not been preserved, apart from the rare example of the manuscript Glagolitic collection dating from 1556 (four lines of notation from an addendum to this manuscript dated 1564) which V. Štefanić links with Vinodol. A number of unexplained cases (e. g. the Prince Novak's Missal) are a stimulus to further research along this lines. "Glagolitic singing in Novi Vinodolski in the Past and in Our Time" (Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom u prošlosti i u naše vrijeme) is the title of the first chapter of the introductory study, whih, in the mode of historical review, provides data on the presence of music in church rituals, most frequently concerninig the position of the organist, the state of the organ, the connection between teaching and work in the church, on the manners of performance and the repertoire of church folk songs. Individuals who deserve credit for the nurture and maintenance of traditional church singing in Novi Vinodolski, teachers and organists such as Josip Vončina, Josip Glanc, and Franc Stepanek were both owners and trascribers of various works from European and domestic music production, or authors of arrengements of church tunes. On the basis of music records preserved today, which makes up the special Fund of Music Manuscripts and Prints of the Parish Church of SS Filip and Jakov (which is kept in the Parish Office), and on the basis of data on sheet music which was once in use (I. Pleyel, K. Wolf, A. Lacroix, A. Muller, Giuseppe Priseshić, etc.) it is possible to outline the framework of music life in Novi Vinodolski during the 19th century. An important perception is that the same peronalities are connected with the value of this material and with the practice of Glagolitic singing. The descriptions and material of Sister Lujza Kozinović, which she collected in Kraljevica (Kozinović 1950), are an indirect contribution to the study of Glagolitic singing and other traditional church singing in Novi Vinodolski. Namely, according to Sister Lujza, church singing in Novi Vinodolski was brought to Kraljevica at the time when Ivan Mrzljak was the parish priest in Kraljevica (1790-1816).... The next chapter of the introductory study "Music Records in Manuscript and Print from the Oldest Until Today" (Notni zapisi, rukopisni i tiskani od najstarijih do danas) presents that part of the material from the past, in the period from the Ksaver Kuhač (examples Nos. 59-112 ; Kuhač 1869a), Josip Glanc (examples Nos. 113-1333 ; Glanc 1870), Lujza Kozinović (examples Nos. 134-163 ; Kozinović1949a, 1949b, 1949c, 1949d) and the printed notation by Stanislav Preprek (example No. 164 ; Preprek 1938).... "Tape Recordings" (Snimanja na magnetofonske vrpce) in Novi Ninodolski were first undertaken by Jerko Bezić, in November, 1964... The chapter "Music Characteristics of the Tunes" (Glazbene osobine napjeva) with the subsections Tone Relations, Metrorhythmical Structures and Music Forms provides only a review of the result of analysi sof the material published in this volume and shows a specific, developed analytical approach....

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Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti


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Doliner, Gorana
Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom, Zagreb: Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, 1998 (monografija)
Doliner, G. (1998) Glagoljaško pjevanje u Novom Vinodolskom. Zagreb, Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti.
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