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Towards automatic generation of plans for automated assembly

Kunica, Zoran; Vranješ, Božo
Towards automatic generation of plans for automated assembly // International journal of production research, 37 (1999), 8; 1817-1836 doi:: 10.1080/002075499191012 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Towards automatic generation of plans for automated assembly

Kunica, Zoran ; Vranješ, Božo

International journal of production research (0020-7543) 37 (1999), 8; 1817-1836

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Automatic assembly; planning; CAD/CAE/CAM

The present CAD/CAM systems are still missing the appropriate CAE component that would allow more efficient assembly planning in the effort to integrate the product design, assembly system design, assembly device programming and assembly execution. The problem is related both to the complexity and incompleteness of the planning methodology and to the lack of the algorithmised planning elements. The previous explorations often concentrated on particular planning elements such as assembly sequence, neglecting the urge of integral and more general approach. Furthermore, they sometimes pose tedious requirements on the user, causing him/her to focus more on the planning method than on the planning goal. The paper presents a CAD-based prototyping system for generation of plans for automated assembly. It uses many relevant, well established concepts in the assembly planning field and proposes a few new ones (especially regarding assembly process space structuring), trying to achieve the highest possible level of automation, and to highlight the problems of computer implementation of the planning knowledge. A mechanical product to be assembled is, at first, a CAD modelled assembled product. After that, the planning elements such as assembly sequence, assembly paths and parts positions of disassembled product are defined, providing the basis for assembly device design and assembly execution.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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