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Thermodynamical properties of Bechgaard salts

Lasajunias, Jean; C.; Biljaković, Katica; Yang, H.; Monceau, P.
Thermodynamical properties of Bechgaard salts // Synthetic metals, 103 (1999), 1-3; 2130-2131 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Thermodynamical properties of Bechgaard salts

Lasajunias, Jean ; C. ; Biljaković, Katica ; Yang, H. ; Monceau, P.

Synthetic metals (0379-6779) 103 (1999), 1-3; 2130-2131

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Radovi u časopisima, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni

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Heat capacities of solids; spin-density waves in magnetically ordered materials; glass transitions; thermodynamic properties and entropy

We give a short review of our recent thermodynamical investigations of the organic Bechgaard salts (TMTSF)_2PF6, (TMTSF)_2AsF_6 and (TMTTF)_2Br in a broad T-range from 70 mK to 40 K. The main features are the following: (i) a lattice specific heat which strongly deviates from a cubic T^3 regime above 7 K, ascribed to their quasi-1D structure, (ii) a characteristic transition at 3.5 K in both PF_6 and AsF_6 compounds, that we have ascribed to a glassy transition in the spin density wave (SDW) phase, (iii) the presence of low-energy excitations below 1 K, due to metastable states of the SDW, at the origin of long heat-relaxation phenomena.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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Katica Biljaković, (76732)

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