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Glass transition in CDW system o-TaS_3

Biljaković, Katica; Starešinić, Damir; Hosseini, Khalil; Bruetting, Wolfgang
Glass transition in CDW system o-TaS_3 // Synthetic metals, 103 (1999), 1-3; 2616-2619 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Glass transition in CDW system o-TaS_3

Biljaković, Katica ; Starešinić, Damir ; Hosseini, Khalil ; Bruetting, Wolfgang

Synthetic metals (0379-6779) 103 (1999), 1-3; 2616-2619

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Charge-density-wave systems; glass transitions; dielectric permittivity; dielectric loss and relaxation

We report on the experimental evidence of a glass transition in the CDW phase of orthorhombic TaS_3 at T_g~50 K, brought by means of dielectric constant measurement. The relaxational mode exhibits in this T-range a critical slowing down instead of an expected activated behavior. New processes appear below the glass transition temperature which we attribute to the defect dynamics. There is an apparent similarity with the scenario of freezing out in supercooled liquids. However, the peculiarity of this glass transition is a very large length scale of order of mu m (beyond the phase coherence length of the underlying CDW), compared to nm in supercooled liquids.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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