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High-pressure transport properties of CeRu2Ge2

Wilhelm, H.; Jaccard, D.; Zlatić, Veljko; Monnier, R.; Delley, B.; Coqblin, B.
High-pressure transport properties of CeRu2Ge2 // Journal of physics. Condensed matter, 17 (2005), S823-S836 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

High-pressure transport properties of CeRu2Ge2

Wilhelm, H. ; Jaccard, D. ; Zlatić, Veljko ; Monnier, R. ; Delley, B. ; Coqblin, B.

Journal of physics. Condensed matter (0953-8984) 17 (2005); S823-S836

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Heavy fermions; high-pressure; transport properties

The pressure-induced changes in the temperature-dependent thermopower S(T) and electrical resistivity ?(T) of CeRu2Ge2 are described within the single-site Anderson model. The Ce ions are treated as impurities and the coherent scattering on different Ce sites is neglected. Changing the hybridization ? between the 4f states and the conduction band accounts for the pressure effect. The transport coefficients are calculated in the non- crossing approximation above the phase boundary line. The theoretical S(T) and ?(T) curves show many features of the experimental data. The seemingly complicated temperature dependence of S(T) and ?(T), and their evolution as a function of pressure, is related to the crossovers between various fixed points of the model.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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