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Optimisation Process of Strip Cold Rolling

Ćurčija, Dušan; Mamuzić, Ilija
Optimisation Process of Strip Cold Rolling // Metalurgija, 44 (2005), 3; 221-226 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Optimisation Process of Strip Cold Rolling

Ćurčija, Dušan ; Mamuzić, Ilija

Metalurgija (0543-5846) 44 (2005), 3; 221-226

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Radovi u časopisima, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Cold rolling of strip; Monte-Carlo method; multiple lineal regressions; lineal optimization

Solutions of differential equations for smooth surfaces and transversal strip roughness with inertial lubrication forces were analyzed. Ten factors impacting the height of lubrication film at material input deformation zone were systemized through: rheologic lubrication properties, kinematics of technological processes and geometric characteristics of rolling processes. Linear optimization is based on the process of cloning, where two methods are proposed (rotary and step-like) and it contains three variants of adjustment of technological factors. The cloning process disposes of a possibility of the control of differential equations. The cloning is carried out with the Osnup tool that proposes a static and a dynamic method of transmission of similarity criterion over a singular point.

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Metalurški fakultet, Sisak

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