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Sound Production and Reproduction Enviroments

Sviben, Z.; Somek, Branko; Fajt, Siniša
Sound Production and Reproduction Enviroments // Proceedings of MIPRO 2005 28th International Convention
Opatija, 2005. str. 168-171 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Sound Production and Reproduction Enviroments

Sviben, Z. ; Somek, Branko ; Fajt, Siniša

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Proceedings of MIPRO 2005 28th International Convention / - Opatija, 2005, 168-171

MIPRO 2005 28th International Convention

Mjesto i datum
Opatija, Hrvatska, 30.05.-03.06.2005

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Vrsta recenzije
Međunarodna recenzija

Ključne riječi
Sound Production; diffusor; Schroeder diffusors

Today we can blend art and science to produce architectural acoustic surfaces that produce a specified degree of diffusion, with an aesthetic appearance that complements the architectural design. The quality of a diffusor can be determined by characterizing the polar distribution or diffusivity of the scattered sound energy, and prediction or measurement can be used to determine the angular (or polar) distribution. Scattering from any periodic sequence of Schroeder diffusors is characterized by scattering into well-defined diffraction orders or directions. The absorption mechanism causes pressure equalization at the face of the diffusor, resulting in an air-flow across the well dividers. With numerical optimization techniques and prediction methods that can work on arbitrarily shaped surfaces, new diffusor designs can be tailored to satisfy both the visual aesthetics, desired by interior designers, and acoustics requests. Nowadays, the optimization techniques are combined with appropriate diffusion parameters and boundary element methods. This allows arbitrarily shaped diffusors to be designed to meet the visual aesthetic as well as the required acoustic criteria.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb

Autor s matičnim brojem:
Branko Somek, (44093)
Siniša Fajt, (190661)