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The role of viruses in reproduction and aneuploidy

Čulić, Vida; Mijaljica, Goran; Mišković, Silvana; Žegarac, Žana; Glavina, Meri; Čulić, Srđana; Primorac, Dragan
The role of viruses in reproduction and aneuploidy // European Journal of Human Genetics / European Society of Human Genetics (ur.).
Prague, 2005. str. 327-327 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

The role of viruses in reproduction and aneuploidy

Čulić, Vida ; Mijaljica, Goran ; Mišković, Silvana ; Žegarac, Žana ; Glavina, Meri ; Čulić, Srđana ; Primorac, Dragan

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European Journal of Human Genetics / European Society of Human Genetics - Prague, 2005, 327-327

European Human Genetics Conference 2005

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Prag, Republika Češka, 07.-10. 05. 2005

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Each chromosome contains two centrioles which adhere to each other through the cell cycle and normally separate only once during Centrosome duplication is regulated by many intracellular events that are essential in maintaining genomic stability. Abnormal centrosome duplication is tightly linked to aneuploidy. Spontaneous abortions appear with the incidence of 12-15% in population. In spontaneous abortions there are 25-60>% of chromosome abnormalities, and in most cases there are triploides, tetraploides and polyploides. The genes associated with cell cycle abnormalities are p53, Brca1, Brca2, Gadd45, human papilloma virus type E6 and E7 also leads to mitotic defects. The theory of "two hits" for one unstable cell cycle resulting with aneuploidy is still in bases of these events. From the couples in the genetic counselling process with normal karyotype and aneuploidy in aborted material analysed by flow cytometry, we found CMV and EBV reactivation or new infection in both parents before and/or during pregnancy. We analysed those with aneuploidy in aborted material and significant serologic findings in both parents. A retrospective analysis was done over 500 couples with one or more spontaneous abortion and 296 parafin embeded samples were found. 41 placentas was analysed by flow: 27(66%) diploid and 14 (34%) aneuploid. From 290, 88 (30%) had IgM or/and IgG for EBV and 12 (4%) for CMV. HPV positive diploid paraffin embedded sample from one couple with three consecutive spontaneous abortions was found.

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