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Investigation of the thermal hysteresis in the thermopower of (NbSe4)/10/3I

Smontara, Ana; Biljaković, Katica; Mazuer, J.; Monceau, P.; Levy, F.; Berger, H.
Investigation of the thermal hysteresis in the thermopower of (NbSe4)/10/3I // Synthetic metals, 56 (1993), 2/3; 2737-2742 doi:10.1016/0379-6779(93)90027-T (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopćenje, znanstveni)

Investigation of the thermal hysteresis in the thermopower of (NbSe4)/10/3I

Smontara, Ana ; Biljaković, Katica ; Mazuer, J. ; Monceau, P. ; Levy, F. ; Berger, H.

Synthetic metals (0379-6779) 56 (1993), 2/3; 2737-2742

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CDW superlattice; thermal hysteresis; thermopower; resistivity; linear chain compound; cooling; heating cycles; Peierls transition; TEP hysteresis; hysteresis loop; time dependence; inhomogeneous charge density; quasi-periodic defect structure; (NbSe4)10/

The authors report the resistivity and the thermopower (TEP) measurements of the linear chain compound (NbSe4)/10/3I which show substantial hysteresis between the cooling and the heating cycles below and above the Peierls transition. The magnitude of the observed TEP hysteresis increases if the system is cooled to lower temperatures. Cooling below 70 K has no further influence of the magnitude of the hysteresis loop. An indication of the time dependence of the TEP is also found. These effects are attributed to the interactions between the inhomogeneous charge density (CDW) superlattice and a quasi-periodic defect structure which has been found in (NbSe4)/10/3I.

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Rad je kao poster prezentiran na skupu International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals, održanom od 12.-18.08.1992., Goteborg, Švedska ; S. Stafstrom, W.R. Salaneck, O. Inganas, T. Hjertberg (ur.). ; Goteborg, 1992. ; str. 237-237.


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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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