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The State as an Owner : Partner in Croatian Tourism

Perić, Jože
The State as an Owner : Partner in Croatian Tourism // Traffic and tourism in Croatia and Poland / Mrnjavac, Edna (ur.).
Opatija: Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, 2003. str. 33-49

The State as an Owner : Partner in Croatian Tourism
(The State as an owner : Partner in Croatian Tourism)

Perić, Jože

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Traffic and tourism in Croatia and Poland

Mrnjavac, Edna

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management



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Turism, Global tourism trends, State ownership, public-private partnership

Uncritical and consistent implementation of the neoliberal economics dovtrine and "tasks" imposed by international financial institutions in the transpofmetion of the ownership structure in Croatian economy, have resulted with overhelming effects. A rejection od possibilities and justifiability of the state (public) ownership and the mixed (public and private) ownership model, as transitive and favorable solution for the reaolization of transition goals has put Croatia in the unique position. In this position Croatia must, with a large delay, actualize a dilemma: privatize (sell) all ro (re)assert non private and mixed ownership forms in order to speed up desired progree and achive other current and development goals. Among that, theoretical and, in moderd times, practical importance of a state in the economy is not doubtful and it can be learner from every economy book. However, it is being forgotten that a state importance in the transition period is paradoxical. In other words, a request that a state should be a key factor ot the ecnomic transformation, growth and development, and tah in this context its proprietary functions can be positive, are paradoxical. After all, until the end of the last century, nowadays - developed market societies were partially basing their economical and social prosperita upon the state ownership in key braches and enterprises. The current situation in Croatia, afetr privatization (sale) ane selling preparation of activities and enterprises that are important in the future development, is leaving no space for consideration and selection of the possible towards the state (and its institutional forms) ownership presence in order to achive particualr mid-term and long-term goals. By all relevant indicators, in a long - term prospect, tourism in Croatia has very importan function in generating development and solving serius economic and social problem. The economic part of the tourism, especially the hospitality management and nautical tourism has a leading role in Croatia. A fact that the Croatian Privatization Fund (CPF) still mainly owns a considerable nubmer of hotel enterprises and "ACI" (marinas) has motivated the authors to make enquiries abou the radip and cheap privatization (sale), and to present the arguments for a possible holding back of the state (mixed) ownership on new organizational and development basis. With this aim and approach, the autors are analyzing usual strating elements in tne proprietors decision makin about selling and holding their ownership: market perspectives, global trends joining possibilities, aimed organizational changs with expectes effects

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Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Opatija

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Jože Perić, (159681)