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Geodetic and Geologic Research of Recent Tectonic Activity in Dinarides

Pribičević, Boško; Medak, Damir; Prelogović, Eduard
Geodetic and Geologic Research of Recent Tectonic Activity in Dinarides // Reports on Geodesy / Sledzinski, Janusz (ur.).
Warsaw: Warsaw University of Technology, 2004. str. 125-132 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Geodetic and Geologic Research of Recent Tectonic Activity in Dinarides

Pribičević, Boško ; Medak, Damir ; Prelogović, Eduard

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Reports on Geodesy / Sledzinski, Janusz - Warsaw : Warsaw University of Technology, 2004, 125-132

EGU symposium G11 Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI

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Nice, Francuska, 25-30.04.2004

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Međunarodna recenzija

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Geodesy; geology; geodynamics

Initial tectonic movements of Adriatic Microplate result in dominating compression in the area of Dinarides. Collected structural data, compared with surface and depth data, with seismological and geodetic measurements taken in the account enabled the classifications of structures. Deformations and movements of structures directly depend on the stress orientation. This orientation varies from between 340-160° to 30-210°. In order to visualize the stress orientation, formation of different types of structures and their movements, examples of compressional structures are shown, as well as rotations of structures and conditions of creation of extensional structures. Finally, the map with fault zones is included, too. The data show narrowing of the area of Adriatic Microplate and the existence of its southern and northern part. Both parts are changing movement directions, leading to more tectonic activity. In active areas, formation of structures is recognized, and causality with fault locations and seismic activity is established. The amplitudes of tectonic movements derived from geodetic measurements between 1994 and 1998 represent important contribution for better understanding the tectonic activities in the area.

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Geodetski fakultet, Zagreb,
Rudarsko-geološko-naftni fakultet, Zagreb