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Geological carthographic data bases: engineering geological approach

Mihalić, Snježana
Geological carthographic data bases: engineering geological approach // Proc. 32nd International Geological Congress. Sbstract. Part 2
Florence, 2004. str. 1207-1207 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Geological carthographic data bases: engineering geological approach

Mihalić, Snježana

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Proc. 32nd International Geological Congress. Sbstract. Part 2 / - Florence, 2004, 1207-1207

32nd International Geological Congress

Mjesto i datum
Firenca, Italija, 20-28.08.2004.

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Digital geological cartography; geological cartographic data bases; engineering geological data model

This paper presents a synthesis of the two existing approaches, which are of interest as starting points in tremendous process of development of standardized geological information system. As a first relevant issue, a recent example of USGS standardized geological information system for production of stratigraphical maps, is emphasised. In this paper, a general conceptual model of the data base content and structure is shortly presented, considering main concepts related to standardization of geological mapping procedures and geological terminology. As a second relevant issue, there is the traditional engineering geological mapping. Its importance lies in abundance of engineering geological standards and recommendations, which could be directly applied to custom-oriented geological mapping. Therefore, the goal of analyses of engineering geological mapping is to extract the main issues of engineering geological mapping related to standardization of modern geological cartography. In the focus of this paper is to address necessary extensions of digital geological cartographic data bases with engineering geological data which are required for production of wide spectrum of geological custom-oriented maps from the same geological information system. The extensions of USGS data model aimed at a production of engineering geological maps encompass the completion of both of the digital geological map components, grammar as well as vocabulary. Grammar extensions related to data base content mainly pertain to adding the new types of geological objects, necessary for creation of a basic engineering geological condition unit. One of main requirements is providing further subdivision of the smallest available lithostratigraphical unit (bed or member) into physically and mechanically uniform units, i.e. engineering geological types. To ensure this subdivision, the mechanisms for modifying lithological rock unit with discontinuities pattern (structural domain) and weathering grade is necessary. Vocabulary extensions are related to installation of a series of word lists and look-up-tables in which standardized terminology for describing engineering geological attributes should be stored. Vocabularies for a standardized soil/rock strength characteristics, discontinuity and weathering state description also already exist in the engineering geological, rock mechanical, and soil mechanical standards.

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Rudarsko-geološko-naftni fakultet, Zagreb

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Snježana Mihalić Arbanas, (205022)