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Privatization in the health care system of Croatia: effects on general practice accessibility.

Hebrang, A.; Henigsberg, N.; Erdeljic, V.; Foro, S.; Vidjak, V.; Grga, A.; Macek, T.
Privatization in the health care system of Croatia: effects on general practice accessibility. // Health policy and planning, 18 (2003), 4; 421-428 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, znanstveni rad, ostalo)

Privatization in the health care system of Croatia: effects on general practice accessibility.

Hebrang, A. ; Henigsberg, N. ; Erdeljic, V. ; Foro, S. ; Vidjak, V. ; Grga, A. ; Macek, T.

Health policy and planning (0268-1080) 18 (2003), 4; 421-428

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Privatization; health care; general practice; accessibility

This paper analyzes some effects of the privatization process in primary health care in Croatia, and in particular evaluates actions taken by providers to improve their accessibility for patients. The sample was stratified by regional density of practices and the status of practices in relation to privatization. Three groups of general practices were included in the study and were assessed twice (in 1997/1998 and 1999/2000): (1) 106 privatized before the beginning of the study ; (2) 96 privatized during the study period and (3) 65 that were not yet privatized. The research was performed by structured interview with general practitioners as informants. The indicators analyzed were: possibilities of obtaining first and follow-up visit appointments, honouring scheduled appointments, scheduling visits by telephone, visiting the practitioner after hours and obtaining telephone advice after working hours. Number of registered patients in the practice and perception of patients' waiting times were also assessed. Privatized practices performed better in improving the accessibility of their services for patients: they increasingly offered the possibility for first and follow-up appointments at precise times, scheduled visits by telephone and provided telephone advice outside working hours. They showed greater intention to honour made appointments in order to lower their patients' waiting times. The study indicates that, in the initial stage of privatization, practitioners tend to extend accessibility by structural improvements that are not time consuming. It seems that providers adjust the level of offered accessibility benefits according to the intensity of market competitiveness. Further research is needed to precisely delineate the range of structural adjustments that could be expected by privatization and to verify the effect of observed changes on the quality of care and health outcomes.

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