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In between Beta Lyrae and Algol : The case of V356 Sgr

Dominis, Dijana; Mimica, Petar; Pavlovski, Krešimir; Tamajo, Ettore
In between Beta Lyrae and Algol : The case of V356 Sgr // Astrophysics and space science, 296 (2005), 1/4; 189-192 doi:10.1007/s10509-005-4443-x (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

In between Beta Lyrae and Algol : The case of V356 Sgr

Dominis, Dijana ; Mimica, Petar ; Pavlovski, Krešimir ; Tamajo, Ettore

Astrophysics and space science (0004-640X) 296 (2005), 1/4; 189-192

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Binary stars; accretion disk; V356 Sgr

The eclipsing binary system V356 Sgr is of considerable interest since it is probably at the very end of its mass transfer phase, i.e. between Beta Lyrae and Algol, on the other. Hence, the binary provides an opportunity to directly examine the exposed core of a star for signatures of nuclear burning, and to test stellar evolution models. The system is composed of an early B star accreting matter from a Roche-lobe filling A2 II star. Recently, with progress in UV spectral region, significant revision of previous values for absolute parameters has been made. Therefore, we find it justified and important to have a new photometric solution. Our model is compared to an early disk model, and is discussed in the framework of mass transfer processes in this binary system.

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Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Zagreb

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