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Library and the idea of a multicultural community

Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana
Library and the idea of a multicultural community // Multiculturalism: Canada, Croatia and Central Europe
Zagreb: Hrvatsko-kanadsko društvo, 2004. (pozvano predavanje, nije recenziran, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), stručni)

Library and the idea of a multicultural community

Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana

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Multiculturalism: Canada, Croatia and Central Europe / - Zagreb : Hrvatsko-kanadsko društvo, 2004

1st International Conference on Canadian Studies of the Croatian-Canadian Academic Society

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Opatija, Hrvatska, 01-03.10.2004

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Libraries; multicultural society

The main goal of the paper is to shed ligh on lhe important role of libraries in multicultural societies. Depending on their mission, in addition to building multilingual collections, libraries in affluent multicultural countries are actively involved in facilitating the learning of the official languages, so that members of linguistic minorities can easily integrate into the labor market and social life. In libraries, the newly arrived immigrants can obtain the information they need to make important decisions, i.e. on citizenship, employment, education, etc. both in the official and the minority language. Libraries help members of ethnic minorities adjust to an alien community through the provision of materials in their languages about the political system, values and customs of their host country. These materials help them deal with the cultural shock. In public libraries other activities are taken to promote multiculturalism, such as round tables on different topics, exhibitions and presentations of ideas and opinions that offer insight into different values and concepts. In Croatia, some of these approaches were introduced in the late 1980’ s while some of the new kinds of activities have been gradually introduced, especially those based on the idea of extended services towards ethnic minorities, freedom of expression and the right to free access to information for all members of society. It has to be pointed out that the promotion of multiculturalism is not relevant only for central libraries for minorities. There are services provided in public libraries such as open dialog evenings, cultural ‘ corners’ of other nations (such as for example Austrian Reading Room in Osijek), educational programs that promote various rights of citizens, stimulate their information and cultural needs etc. It can be said that Croatian public libraries are starting to recognize the importance of the promotion of multiculturalism as one of their tasks that are valuable to the community they serve and to the whole country. Furthermore, the issue of multiculturalism is presented in the LIS curricula. However, further progress and activity plans in this field are needed.

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Filozofski fakultet, Osijek

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Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić, (118492)