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Determination of heavy meson wave function from B decays

Li, H.N.; Melić, Blaženka
Determination of heavy meson wave function from B decays // European physical journal C, 11 (1999), 4; 695-702 doi:1007/s100529900204 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Determination of heavy meson wave function from B decays

Li, H.N. ; Melić, Blaženka

European physical journal C (1434-6044) 11 (1999), 4; 695-702

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Heavy mesons; wave functions; perturbative QCD; Sudakov form factor

We extract the B, D, and D* meson wave functions from the CLEO data of the decays B -> K*gamma and B -> D^(*)pi in the perturbative QCD framework. In this formalism, various logarithmic corrections are organized to give the Wilson evolution from the W boson mass down to the characteristic scale of a decay process, which is of order of the b quark mass, and the Sudakov evolution from the characteristic scale to a lower factorization scale of order Lambda_{;QCD};. With large logarithms organized, the b quark decay amplitudes are evaluated reliably in perturbation theory. Below the factorization scale, QCD dynamics is regarded as being nonperturbative, and absorbed into meson wave functions. Because of their universality, the heavy-meson wave functions determined in this work, can be employed to make predictions of other decay modes.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Blaženka Melić, (181332)

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