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Kinetics of Different Particulates within the Rat Lung in the Acute Exposure Phase

Trošić, Ivančica; Mataušić-Pišl, Mirjana; Brumen, Vlatka; Prlić, Ivica; Radalj, Željko
Kinetics of Different Particulates within the Rat Lung in the Acute Exposure Phase // Toxicology letters, 95 (1998), Suppl.1; 223-223 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Kinetics of Different Particulates within the Rat Lung in the Acute Exposure Phase

Trošić, Ivančica ; Mataušić-Pišl, Mirjana ; Brumen, Vlatka ; Prlić, Ivica ; Radalj, Željko

Toxicology letters (0378-4274) 95 (1998), Suppl.1; 223-223

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Inert particles; toxic fibers; rats; instillation; toxicokinetics

This work has been focused on mechanisms involved in early toxicokinetics of crocidolite comixture in comparison to the one of inert particles in rat lungs. We followed the fate of particulants in the lungs of Wistar rat during the course of one-month period exposure on 1st, 7th and 30th day. Using the instillation method followed by bronchoalveolar lavage of Wistar rat lungs on the indicated sucrification days, the particulate burdens were determined inside the free lung cell population. The deposition of material given was evaluated by the determination of particles in the lung tissue, and in the regional lymphonodes.The results show that the inert particles were effectively engulfed by phagocytic cells within seven postinstillation days.Continous increase of cell burden in group of animals instilled with an asbestos comixture was noted during the entire experiment, reaching the highest value on the last sucrification day. The highest lung burden in group of animals instilled with inert particles was found on the 30th day. In the comixture instilled group, the lowest lung burden was noted on the 7th day, after which it increased significantly until the end of the experimentThe highest microsheres burden in lymphonodes was noted on the day seven, after which it tended to decrease on the day 30. In comixture insilled group, a significant increase in nodal burden was noticed during the whole postinstillation periods. The time depended distribution of asbestos comixture in the lung compartments significantly differs from the polystyrene particle behavior.

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Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada, Zagreb

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