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Center for functional/integrative genomics at Rudjer Bošković Institute

Kralj, Marijeta; Pavelić, Krešimir
Center for functional/integrative genomics at Rudjer Bošković Institute // Periodicum biologorum, 106(3) (2004), 309-312 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prikaz, ostalo)

Center for functional/integrative genomics at Rudjer Bošković Institute

Kralj, Marijeta ; Pavelić, Krešimir

Periodicum biologorum (0031-5362) 106(3) (2004); 309-312

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Funkcionalna genomika; Institut Rudjer Bošković
(Funkctional genomics; Rudjer Boskovic Institute)

The spotlight in biomedical research is shifting to modern technologies to enable a more accurate and effective, as well as less time-consuming methods for diagnostics, prognostics and therapy. Besides, despite the large amount of money spent on new drug development, relatively few drugs appear on market due to time-consuming and inadequate drug screening methods, as well as long-lasting, often unsuccessful clinical trials. Enhanced insight into biological context is essential for a better understanding of how biology actually works. This is why it is necessary to integrate functional genomics methods (transcriptomics and proteomics) for a simultaneous analysis of thousands of genes/proteins in one single experiment. Nowadays, in the post genomic era, only these techniques enable a complete insight into the gene/protein expression patterns in the given individual. The main goal of the Center for functional/integrative genomics is data integration of structure, expression and variation, as well as gene/protein function by implementation of modern molecular biomedicine methods (DNA microarray analysis, proteomics and bioinformatics). The activities are focused on the drug discovery, new diagnostics procedures, disease classification depending on different molecular and genetic background, all on the path to individualized health care. Commercial services for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry will be developed, as well as diagnostics services and high-quality education in the field of functional genomics.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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