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Longitudinal dental arch changes in the mixed dentition

Šlaj, Mladen; Ježina, Marina A.; Lauc, Tomislav; Rajić Meštrović, Senka; Mikšić, Martina
Longitudinal dental arch changes in the mixed dentition // Angle orthodontist, 73 (2003), 5; 509-514 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Longitudinal dental arch changes in the mixed dentition

Šlaj, Mladen ; Ježina, Marina A. ; Lauc, Tomislav ; Rajić Meštrović, Senka ; Mikšić, Martina

Angle orthodontist (0003-3219) 73 (2003), 5; 509-514

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Dental arch width; dental arch depth; children; asymetry

A purpose of this study was to investigate dental arch changes that occured during the mixed dentition in 30 normal occlusion children. Two analyses were done. The first one was at the age of early mixed dentition and the second at the age of late mixed dentition. Most width variables were greater in males, and depth variables greater in the female subjects. A directionally larger left side of the maxilla and right side of the mandible were observed. Our findings indicate that most arch width dimensions are established in the early mixed dentition. We conclude that the period between the early and late mixed dentition is suitable for environmental factors to disrupt the ideal symmetrical developmental pattern because more growth and developmental changes occur after a relatively stabile period of decidous dentition.

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Biologija, Dentalna medicina, Etnologija i antropologija


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Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb,
Institut za antropologiju

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