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Anomalous diffusion in living yeast cells

Tolić-Norrelykke, Iva Marija; Munteanu, E.-L.; Thon, G.; Oddershede, L.; Berg-Sorensen, K.
Anomalous diffusion in living yeast cells // Physical review letters, 93 (2004), 7. (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Anomalous diffusion in living yeast cells

Tolić-Norrelykke, Iva Marija ; Munteanu, E.-L. ; Thon, G. ; Oddershede, L. ; Berg-Sorensen, K.

Physical review letters (0031-9007) 93 (2004), 7;

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Optical tweezers; schizosaccharomyces-pombe; tracking microrheology; local viscoelasticity; actin networks; soft materials; fission; cytoskeleton; mechanics; dynamics

The viscoelastic properties of the cytoplasm of living yeast cells were investigated by studying the motion of lipid granules naturally occurring in the cytoplasm. A large frequency range of observation was obtained by a combination of video-based and laser-based tracking methods. At time scales from 10(-4) to 10(2) s, the granules typically perform subdiffusive motion with characteristics different from previous measurements in living cells. This subdiffusive behavior is thought to be due to the presence of polymer networks and membranous structures in the cytoplasm. Consistent with this hypothesis, we observe that the motion becomes less subdiffusive upon actin disruption.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Iva Marija Tolić, (260543)

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