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Radioactive matter in the Zagreb air from 1961 to 1996

Franić, Zdenko; Cesar, Dobroslav; Marović, Gordana; Senčar, Jasminka
Radioactive matter in the Zagreb air from 1961 to 1996 // Hrvatski meteorološki časopis, 32 (1997), 51-58 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Radioactive matter in the Zagreb air from 1961 to 1996

Franić, Zdenko ; Cesar, Dobroslav ; Marović, Gordana ; Senčar, Jasminka

Hrvatski meteorološki časopis (1330-0083) 32 (1997); 51-58

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Radioactivity; air; derived activity concentrations; chernobyl

This paper presents the results of long-term investigations of radioactive matter gathered from the air in the city of Zagreb. Total beta activity in the air has been measured ever since 1961. Gamma-spectrometric air analysis has been carried out continuously since 1983, and determination of 90Sr since 1987. The presented data indicate that the radioactive matter in the Zagreb air, as well as in entire Croatia from 1961 to 1996, has been manifesting a constant exponential decrease in quantity. The only exception was naturally produced 7Be, with almost unchanged specific activity concentrations throughout the measurement period. Main sources of radioactive matter in the air are still nuclear explosions conducted in the atmosphere in 1960s. The Chornobyl nuclear accident caused a significant increase in the air radioactivity only in1986. However, in the few subsequent years it decreased to pre-Chornobyl values. Despite the constant presence of radioactive matter in the Zagreb air, the activity values have never exceeded the legal limit for the last thirty-six years.

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Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada, Zagreb

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